Quality custom meat processing
to your specifications.


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Ultravac 500 Vacuum Packaging Machine  


Come use the highest quality processing service in Tennessee.
John Burgener, Owner.


We are a State of Tennessee and USDA Certified Facility.
Also a registered Check-in Station for Deer Hunters.

All pricing below includes commercial vacuum chamber packaging.


Our Services Kill Fee
(per animal)
Processing Fee Waste
(per animal)

$35.00 $0.60 per pound hanging weight for processing.  Processing includes dressing, cutting, packaging to your specifications and freezing. $15.00

$35.00 $0.60 per pound hanging weight for processing.  Processing includes dressing, cutting, packaging to your specifications and freezing.
(Sausage seasoning not included.)

$80.00 Processing included. $5.00

$80.00 Processing included. $5.00
Wild Hog   Wild Hog
By Appointment Only
$1.00 per pound minimum charge.  $50.00 minimum charge per hog.

If it is over 102 lb, it will then fall back on the "standard price" of $35.00 skinning fee, $15.00 waste disposal and $0.60 per pound hanging weight.
Pot Belly Pigs   Sorry, we do not harvest or
process pot belly pigs.

$80.00 flat fee for processing.

Additional services, if desired, are available below. 

$5.00 per green pound to make regular summer sausage with customer's deer. (10 pound minimum.)  Regular summer sausage can be hot or mild.

$5.00 per green pound to make summer sausage with pepper cheese with customer's deer. (10 pound minimum.)  Pepper Cheese summer sausage can be hot or mild.

$5.00 per green pound to make breakfast sausage with customer's deer.  There is no minimum, and breakfast sausage is available in hot or mild.

Green pound = weight before it is cooked

Owl Holler Processing has no cooler or freezer storage available. 
It is a must that you pick up your order within 24 hours of the time we notify you.

Late pickup prevents us from processing another animal.
If not picked up within 24 hours, your animal will be sold for processing fee.

Your business and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

John and Judy Burgener, Owners/Operators  

Owl Holler Processing has suppliers of cattle, hogs, goats and lamb that are grain fed for those who do not own your own. Just let us know your needs!


We Cut Meat to Your Specifications!
Please print, fill out and bring in a Cutting Order Sheet with your animal. We'll cut your meat exactly the way you'd like it!
Cutting Order Sheet for Beef
Cutting Order Sheet for Hog
Cutting Order Sheet for Lamb & Goat


1. Filet Mignon
2. T-Bone
3. Round Steak
4. Sirloin
5. Porterhouse
6. Rib Eye
Please tell us what cuts you'd like!
We can cut all of the above, plus others you might prefer. 
Also, please let us know the thickness you'd prefer.



Owl Holler Processing is a participant in “Macon Ends Meat.” This is where a hunter can donate a deer. Owl Holler Processing will provide free processing, and the meat will go to Macon Helps for distribution to families in need.


What Does a Beef Yield?

A 1,200-lb Angus Steer will yield about a 750-lb carcass.  It will net about a 46% yield with standard cuts, mostly roasts, including short ribs and burger trim.  Standard cuts include appreciable amounts of "bone in" steaks, roasts, and ribs.

A Class 2 Beef of the same weight will yield about 39% depending on cuts.

A Class 3 Beef of the same weight will yield about 36% depending on cuts.

Also, the smaller the beef weight, the less yield.

We process about 350 beef a year.   Of those, only about 6 to 8 beef are Class 1.  About 40 beef will be Class 2.  The other 300 beef will be Class 3.

A Class 1 beef will (with a few exceptions) come from selected registered stock.  A Class 1 beef is intensely managed genetically, being bred with only favorable animals of the same line or type.

Regardless of the class, your beef will yield based upon the condition it is in at the time of slaughter.  Age, type of bovine, type of feed and grazing all play a part.  It is not unusual for a 1,200-lb cow to yield 150 lb or more of fat alone.

If a beef is lame, yet ambulatory, it may have substantial water retention and muscle atrophy.  This depends on how mobile it has been and for how long.


Prices subject to change without notice.